The Partners

Pieta Iceland

Pieta provides a professional one-to-one therapeutic service to people who are in suicidal distress, those who engage in self-harm, and those bereaved by suicide. All of our services are provided free of charge and no referral is needed.

We exist because of the needs of the people of Iceland. We have developed our services to meet those needs, based on the well established Irish Pieta model. The Pieta Way  focuses on identifying and building resources and protective factors for those who need our assistance. Everyone is met based on where they are and what they need. Because of the generosity and support of the people in Iceland we have been able to provide free counselling, therapy and support to close to 1000 individuals during our 3 years in operation. Our goal is to be there for those who are enduring emotional pain and provide an environment where no-one feels so alone or so afraid that suicidal ideation becomes an option.

All our staff are fully qualified councillors, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and doctors.

We also offer a 24/7 helpline. 

Hafnarfjörður municipality

Hafnarfjörður is the third largest municipality in Iceland with about 30,000 inhabitants. Hafnarfjörður is a progressive municipality based on a family-friendly environment, exemplary services and a vibrant economy. There are 9 primary schools in Hafnarfjörður. The schools are intended for all children aged 6 to 16. The aim of the school policy in Hafnarfjörður is to meet the needs of children in the school, promote their well-being and happiness. The purpose of school work is to support and empower children to cope with their future tasks and responsibilities in an ever-changing democratic society by offering them appropriate education.

Athena – The Academy for Mental health and Well-being

Cindy, Marguerite and Noeleen have worked together for more than a decade as three very experienced accredited counselors, psychotherapists, supervisors and trainers. They have worked at the coalface of self-harm, suicide and bereavement by suicide and were responsible for the clinical services of Pieta House (Centre for Prevention of Suicide and Self-Harm) since its inception. These three women decided that they wanted to bring their skill set to a much wider audience both nationally and internationally. Hence, their motivation to open Athena in 2018. In addition to the counselling and supervision sessions offered by Athena, they design and deliver bespoke training programmes to improve the mental health and well-being of all age groups and across all sectors. 

Social Innovation Fund (SIF)

Social Innovation Fund is non-governmental organisation, established in 1994 to assist people with fewer opportunities and disadvantaged backgrounds to make positive changes in their life through the provision of educational opportunities, social support, information and advice. Since its establishment the SIF works with different socially disadvantaged groups: long-term unemployed, disabled, single parents, migrants, people in remote areas, women survivors of domestic violence. SIF provides help and assistance to the low-skilled adults having fewer opportunities in the society and the labour market, with a special focus on women. It aims to foster their social inclusion, employability and entrepreneurship through training, guiding, coaching and mentoring services as well to contribute to their empowerment and building their capacities to be competent and successful in the labour market and in daily life.